Apply for a Meijer Credit Card

There are several methods how to apply for a credit card 💳. The main is to fill a form on The new application will be processed for several weeks, after which you should get a call. You can also ask about the status of the application by calling to call-center 1-877-816-9401.

Online Application for Meijer Credit Card

To get a credit or mastercard card you go to the official website Select Credit card in the top menu and click Apply now for a Meijer Credit Card in the center. A SitiBank website window will open with a registration form, where you need to do 4 simple steps:

  1. The First step, fill information about yourself:
    • First Name;
    • Middle Initial (Optional);
    • Last Name;
    • Email Adress;
    • Phone Number.
  2. The Second step, fill information about address:
    • Street Address;
    • Apt./Suite (Optional);
    • City;
    • State;
    • Zip Code.
  3. The third step, fill financial information:
    • Residence Status;
    • Monthly Housing Payment;
    • Total Annual Net Income;
    • When your Birthday;
    • Social Number.
  4. The last, double-check everything and press Continue.

Next read the account Terms & Details and you need to agree with 2 options:

  • I have read and Agree to all of the statements outlined above.
  • I Agree to receive my application decision electronically. I confirm that my device meets the standards above. I have read and agree to the terms in these disclosures. (Optional).


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